Je jeugd overleeft in de boekhandel

Caso de Livros, where childhood survives. Twee posters met daarop verhalen. Tegenwoordig verliezen kinderen hun onschuldigheid en verbeelding door de overdaad aan technologie en gebrek en verhaaltiJe jeugd overjd. De verhalen zijn van Monster Bichol Papão en het konijn uit Alice in Wonderland.Hieronder eerst de verhalen (in het Engels), daaronder de posters.


“It’s not an easy job. The opening of a closet needs to be precise. Each inch counts so that I am not seen. Each noise is necessary to be believed. After all, scaring someone is an art. But my job depends on something: imagination. And the kids’ imagination of nowadays, I can no longer use.

With these computers, they grow up quickly. They know it all. They don’t believe in anything anymore. Now, a closet is just a closet. The dark spot underneath the bed is just a place for shoes. And my story is just “kids’ talk.”

Yes. Kids’ talk. Like going to the doctor. And if there is something they no longer want to be is kids. It is almost as if childhood was an unpleasant step to adolescence and all of my work, just something irrelevant.

Times have changed. There was nowhere for me to go and in today’s market of jobs in imagination, there is no unemployment insurance. I, who worked scaring others, felt something truly frightening: being forgotten.

I knocked in closet by closet and was almost giving up. It was when I found a place where childhood has its space and found a job. A place where kids come to be kids. A place where innocence grew its own roots and imagination took off. The one thing I needed to go back to work.”

Casa de Livros bookstore.
Where childhood survives.


“I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!,” I would say. I was always late, jumping from one page to another. Competing against the clock. I would start a paragraph here, finish another one there. There were chapters after chapters at kids’ sleep time and kids always asked for more. It was worth spending the extra time.

As time went on, this rush was slowing down. And the chapters as well. Each time I had fewer stories to tell during bed time. The book pages were growing dusty. I was loosing my space. Until I saw a period to my story, and I thought it would be final.

I wasn’t late anymore. But I still had a clock to remind me that, like childhood, my time had run out. In a ‘tic tac’ I became forgotten. And without kids, wonderland is not that wonderful.

I was begging for lines in stories of friends. I would do a little bit here, a little bit there. I did what I could.

Until I discovered a place that welcomed me and valued my work. Guaranteed job. I got a smile on my face and new paragraphs ahead. But this time you will have to come visit me to find out. Sorry for the rush, but it feels so good to be late again.”

Casa de Livros bookstore.
Where childhood survives.

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